Now on Senioridy! We are so excited to announce that we have added in a new directory for Birmingham, AL area Senior Activity Centers. Each Senior Center is represented with images (when available), Activities (when available), and locations that are marked out on an interactive map, including turn-by-turn driving directions.

We know how important it is to the community's aging population to maintain an active, healthy life and one way to do that is to get involved with the community around them. Senior Centers have programs and activities to engage seniors in activities designed to fulfill and improve many of their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.

Research shows that older adults can delay the onset of many chronic diseases and help to better manage them by participating with local Senior Center programs. Programs found in Senior Centers today are growing and changing with the times to meet the demands of a more tech savvy and forward-thinking aging population. Many Senior Center have jazzy workout classes for those who like a little dance rhythm to exercise with, have full computer work station rooms to explore the world wide web on, and have a wide variety of art clinics so that senior members can learn or hone some of their more artistic skills.

But beyond having fun things to do, many Senior Centers provide much needed regular meals to those who either struggle to be able to obtain nutritious meals on a regular basis or have to eat alone for every meal. 

For those Seniors who are interested in finding gainful employment or who are looking for volunteer opportunities, Senior Centers can provide resources and, many times, placement in jobs and volunteer programs in the local community.

Senior Centers go a long way to help the aging community live their lives fully in an atmosphere that is warm and engaging with an opportunity that is equal for all to be able to join in binding relationships in order to strengthen the community in a positive way for all its residents, young and old together.