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What To Post

If you have an event that is local to the Birmingham, Al area and would like to display it on the Senioridy Upcoming Events page then all you have to do is send it on over to with the subject "Event" and we'll take care of the rest.

Please understand that, since this is a public website, only events that are open to the general public will be posted. Examples of public events would be items like Blood Drives, Food Drives, Health Fairs, Caregiver Education, Senior Education, etc.

How To Post

We would recommend that you send us the information 30 days prior to the event to ensure that we have had time to post it on the site and to ensure the viewers have had ample opportunity to make plans to attend.

When you send your event notification to us please be certain to send:

  • The Location
  • The Date(s)
  • The Time(s)
  • The Duration(s)
  • The Cost (if any or let us know it is free)
  • Who is hosting the event
  • The Event contact information

Also make sure to send us your contact information in case we have any questions. Unfortunately events that do not have complete information may not be posted so try to be a thorough as possible.

Before you submit an item please make sure you have read to our Terms for Publication, uploading your Event to the site is an acknowledgement that you nave read and agree to these terms.

Please feel fee to send us your event using any of the following methods:


Share A Local News Story


Got News?

Keeping abreast of all of the goings-on that have an impact on the senior community in and around the Birmingham, Al area is very important to all of us. Your news story contributions play a very important role in helping us to keep our viewers informed and enriched.

Maybe you are a viewer and have come across some local changes that you'd like to make us aware of, or you manage a facility that has big plans for the future, or you are a Senior Health Care provider and you know of some changes that would affect the way that tests are evaluated or changes to local medical policies that would affect our viewers. We encourage you to give us a shout and share what you know.

Rules, Rules, Rules...

While we are busy encouraging you to send us any new news item you may have, we also have to give you a heads up about our Terms For Publication. Please take the time to read through them, they cover items such as not taking news items from other websites without their written permission, not using other's personal information without their permission, not borrowing images you didn't take or buy, etc. If your news items adheres to our Terms For Publication and is a current, local news item you will find it published right away on the Senioridy website to share with your friends!


Thank you for being an important part of our community!