The Senioridy website allows the submission of content written by you, our viewer, in order to promote events, publish news, or share user experiences. Before you submit information to us for publishing on the website you must agree to the following:


  1. If you are posting a News items your information must be verifiable. Include names, dates, and contacts so that we may verify that the news that you are reporting is accurate.
  2. If you are posting an Event it must be open to the public. If there is a charge for the event you must state so. You must include dates, times, and places for any event that you post.
  3. If you are posting an Experience please do not use any full names (first names or title plus last name are just fine - ex. Mrs. Brown). 
  4. That you will not use any defamatory or obscene language.
  5. If you submit any News, Event, or Experience you agree to allow Senioridy to edit your material. To include but not limited to corrections (for example - spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc), cross-references (linking to referring materials, listings, other articles, or advertisements), and redaction or omission of names or any other information that we deem necessary.
  6. You verify that you have the right to release whatever information that you are publishing and transfer that right to us upon submission.
  7. That the copy that you submit (text, etc) is your own to use, that you have the right to use it, and has not been plagiarized from other works.
  8. You give us permission to publish the item.
  9. That you have the right to use any images that you send. If the images have not been taken by you you are responsible for verifying that the image is free of copyright infringement (taking an image off of another website, anywhere on the internet, or from Google is a copyright infringement if you do not receive written permission to use it or have not paid for a royalty-free version of it).
  10. If you submit your News, Event, or Personal Experience we do not guarantee that the item will be published. In our sole discretion, Senioridy retains the right to determine what items we will or will not publish.
  11. That we may, in turn, use any item, image or text, that you submit for the purposes of marketing, advertising, or for any reason that we see fit.
  12. By submitting your item you are acknowledging that you agree to all of these terms.