Ghosting - Identity Theft After Death

It will come as no surprise to learn that thieves have no shame when it comes to stealing the identity of someone who has recently died. Every year, o...
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Comparing Senior Care Options Equally

One of the most difficult things about selecting the correct senior care facility is comparing the listings on an equal level. It is best to compare t...
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Questions To Ask When Exploring Senior Living Communities & Elderly Care

Part of the process of searching for your specific Senior Care solution is the actual searching itself, the other part is vetting those choices so tha...
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Then Mom Fell...

My experience is not unique, I am sure, but I share it with you to give you a "heads up" on what you might encounter in a similar situation. As a bit ...
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Helpful Guidance on Understanding Senior Living Options

When I got into the healthcare industry years ago I began my career at Brookdale Place retirement community. I had no idea how very traumatic and over...
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Learn The Different Options &Levels Available for Senior Care


Understanding The Differences

Finding the right level of senior care for yourself or your loved ones can be a daunting experience. And learning the senior care lingo can be a lot like learning a whole new language while you are trying to put out a fire.

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Long Term Health Insurance Issues

insurance considerations

Considerations to Make Sure you Receive your Benefits

As people live longer and longer on average, long-term care is a term that has become ever more common in the modern vernacular.  The ideal situation is that health and mobility

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Senior Housing & Assisted Living - Understanding Waiting Lists & Future Planning

nursing home waiting list

The change in circumstances requiring a Senior to move into Senior Housing may occur suddenly, with a decision having to be made quickly.  This may be the case if a Senior suffers a fall or a stroke or any life event which significantly

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Section 202 Housing - Low Income Senior Living


Section 202, a housing subsidy program for the elderly, was originally rolled out in 1959 by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program and some of it is still alive and kicking today. Subsidized rental vouchers are awarded to low-income seniors based on their income levels and need to help pay for their rent.

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