Understanding Medicare Coverage for Skilled Nursing Facility Care

When a transfer from a hospital to a skilled nursing facility is the next step, many questions arise about what Medicare may cover and what your options are. This article...
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Step By Step Guide for The Housing Choice Voucher and finding Affordable Senior Housing

The steps that one needs to take to move in to Low Income senior apartments that are part of the Section 202 Affordable Senior Housing Communities can be confusing. In...
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Keeping Your Aging Mind and Body Healthy and Active

“Aging gracefully” has turned into something of a meaningless buzzword, adorning article headline after article headline. Perhaps “aging capably” might better convey the goal that just about all of us...
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Alabama Cities That Have Housing Choice Voucher Open Enrollment

In a previous topic, " How To Obtain Low Income Senior Housing ", we talk about the HUD Housing Choice Voucher Program and how to become qualified and approved. One...
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How To Obtain Low Income Senior Housing

In order to obtain financial help for HUD's Affordable Senior Housing (low-income senior apartments), seniors must first be verified as an eligible low-income or very low income household by applying...
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Our Favorite Resources for Aging Parents and Seniors

Here at Senioridy we like to collect useful resources for seniors in one easy-to-navigate location. That includes information on healthcare, medical insurance, and the other important things you’ve got to...
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Low Income Senior Housing – Understanding Section 202 Affordable Senior Housing

5 Things to Know About Section 202 Housing In 2011 the first of the baby boomer generation reached age 65. The data now shows that every 10 seconds another person...
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Affordable Senior Apartments Have Perks

Senior living options over the past decade have really expanded, giving seniors more choices about where to live. The communities themselves are also evolving, offering more amenities, higher end décor,...
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What is the difference between Assisted Living and a Nursing Home?

All senior living facilities are not created equal, nor are they created for the same purposes. For most folks, until it comes time to look into senior living options yourself,...
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Free Transportation for Homewood Seniors (Age 60+)

This program offers FREE transportation to seniors 60 and older who live inside  Homewood City limits. Call Homewood Senior Center at 332-6500 to...
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State & Federal Senior Agencies

Below you will find a list of some of the State and Federal Agencies that offer helpful Senior Information. Along with helpful information on senior m...
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Birmingham Area Senior Centers

Now on Senioridy! We are so excited to announce that we have added in a new directory for Birmingham, AL area Senior Activity Centers. Each Senior Cen...
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Free Tax Prep For Seniors

Seniors, need free help with your taxes? Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) is an government-assisted program offered to those individuals who are a...
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Ghosting - Identity Theft After Death

It will come as no surprise to learn that thieves have no shame when it comes to stealing the identity of someone who has recently died. Every year, o...
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Comparing Senior Care Options Equally

One of the most difficult things about selecting the correct senior care facility is comparing the listings on an equal level. It is best to compare t...
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Hoover Senior Free Transportation

For residents of Hoover over the age of 55 the Horizons Express Service is ready to help you with your transportation needs. This service requires an ...
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Questions To Ask When Exploring Senior Living Communities & Elderly Care

Part of the process of searching for your specific Senior Care solution is the actual searching itself, the other part is vetting those choices so tha...
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Adult Tai Chi - Vestavia Library 2 - 3 PM

The Vestavia Public Library is hosting Adult Tai Chi Classes. These classes, located in the Library's Community Room, are open to the public and free of charge.

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Then Mom Fell...

My experience is not unique, I am sure, but I share it with you to give you a "heads up" on what you might encounter in a similar situation. As a bit ...
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Helpful Guidance on Understanding Senior Living Options

When I got into the healthcare industry years ago I began my career at Brookdale Place retirement community. I had no idea how very traumatic and over...
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