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      FAST! Affordable Senior Housing

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      Moving into Low Income Senior Apartments that are part of HUD's Section 202 Affordable Senior Housing is really easy!!

      First and foremost you must be sure that you qualify:

      • Resident must be aged 62 or older

      • Resident must meet HUD's Low Income Limits for the county the Low Income Senior Community is located in (Check Here For Your Limits).

      If you qualify then follow these steps:

      1. Decide the city or town that you'd like to live in.
      2. Search Senioridy for a Low Income Senior Apartment.
      3. Select at least 3 or 4 Section 202 apartments to contact (Tip: Use the "Compare" checkbox at the top of an apartment's page to save it to a list so you remember who you want to contact) .
      4. Contact via email or call them each directly (Tip: Create a so you can save selected properties to a list so you remember who you've called).
      5. The manager of each apartment will determine your eligibility. They will set up an appointment to meet with you so be sure to ask them what you need to bring with you to that appointment.
      6. If you are found to be eligible for the plan (over 62, low income or very low income) then you will be placed on the waiting list.
      7. If you are in a hurry it is a good idea to get on as many waiting lists for different apartments as possible.

      The one thing to remember is to plan ahead!!

      If you know your money is running low, or there was no money there to begin with then getting on communities waiting lists should not be delayed. You should plan on the process taking at least three or four months so even if you are not quite ready or are not quite eligible it is still a good idea to find out how easy or hard it will be to secure affordable housing in the area that you want to be in.

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