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      San Antonio, Texas Low Income Senior Housing


      A senior citizen's top concern when planning for the golden years is finances: Will I be able to maintain a decent lifestyle on a fixed income? Will the income received from Social Security and pensions be sufficient for daily expenditures? Should I relocate to a city with a low cost of living?

      Most seniors rely on Social Security and pensions as their source of income. Unfortunately, these sources remain stagnant despite the rising cost of living, leaving many seniors struggling to make ends meet.

      According to research:

      1. Over 15 million individuals over 65 have income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
      2. Approximately 48% of households headed by someone aged 55 and above have no savings.
      3. The average Social Security received in May 2022 by a senior citizen was $1,668 a month.
      4. While living expenses differ for every city, the average monthly expense of a single person in the U.S. is approximately $3,189. This primarily includes housing expenses, healthcare, transportation, and utilities.


      Yes, these numbers can be alarming. But there are ways to enhance economic security and well-being amongst the elderly. Choosing to live in an affordable and senior-friendly city like San Antonio, Texas, is one of them.

      San Antonio has a lot to offer its senior residents, and the vast availability of low income senior communities allows them to live comfortably and safely.

      In this guide, let’s explore the topic further and find out why San Antonio, TX, can be a fantastic destination for our senior citizens. The topics we will cover include:


      Benefits of Senior Living in San Antonio, TX

      What are San Antonio, Texas, Low Cost Senior Housing Programs?

      San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA)

      Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly

      Section 8 Housing Voucher Program for San Antonio Seniors

      Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

      Are There Any Other Rental Assistance Programs in San Antonio?

      Finding Texas Low Income Senior Living Near Me


      Benefits of Senior Living in San Antonio, TX
      san antonio texas riverwalk 2021 09 02 15 21 18 utc

      Rated as one of the best places to retire, San Antonio, Texas, is home to over 188,000 seniors. The city boasts a vibrant community with plenty of opportunities to keep the residents active and engaged. You can also enjoy visits to the famous River Walk, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, Briscoe Western Art Museum, and the San Antonio Botanical Garden for a cultural yet entertaining experience.

      Socializing is not a problem for seniors who migrate to San Antonio, TX. The people of the city are pretty friendly and will not hesitate to smile, greet, and strike up conversations while passing by. A variety of community resources are also available for seniors where they can enjoy arts & crafts, access to libraries, computer classes, and exercise sessions.

      However, the most attractive feature of San Antonio is its affordability. According to PayScale, the overall cost of living here is 8% lower than the national average. Additionally, several other perks, such as zero income tax and the potential of qualifying for low income senior apartments in San Antonio, allow the residents to stretch their income further.


      What are San Antonio, Texas, Low Cost Senior Housing Programs?

      Housing expenses take up a substantial portion of a person’s income, and an average household dedicates around 33.1% of its budget toward housing expenses. Unfortunately, the rising costs of rent make it difficult for senior residents to manage their expenses.

      The good news is that help is available in the form of affordable senior housing programs if income and age thresholds are met.

      In San Antonio, Texas, the area median income of a family of four is $83,500, and the income limits are:


      Income Limit Category

      1-Person Household

      2-Person Household

      30% AMI (extremely low)



      50% AMI (very low income)



      80% AMI (low income)




      Each San Antonio subsidized senior housing program will qualify tenants based on the above categories. They will also consider the applicant's previous rental history, criminal records, and immigration status before making the final selection decision.

      When applying for the rental subsidy, it is essential to understand the eligibility criteria of each program to understand if you qualify. You should also complete the entire application form with complete and authentic information.

      Read our guide on How to Qualify for Low Income Senior Apartments to get an idea of what to expect during the application process.

      Here is an overview of each housing program:


      San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA)
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      Public housing assistance is available through the SAHA-owned apartments. Currently, they manage around 71 communities around the city. The units are open to all San Antonio residents who fall within the income criteria.

      A form is available on their website to submit an application, and you can choose up to 5 SAHA-owned properties. However, note that there is significant demand for public housing programs, and the wait lists are only open periodically. In fact, the average wait time is more than 2 years for a SAHA public housing property to be available.


      Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly

      The Section 202 Communities are exclusively designed for senior citizens over 62. Funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), they are open to senior candidates who fall within low and very low income limits. The payable rent will be approximately 30% of the total income.

      Suppose family members such as adult children or spouses plan to share the Section 202 apartment. In that case, their earnings are also counted towards the total income eligibility. An aid or caretaker can also live with the seniors, but their income will not affect the leading candidate's eligibility.

      The application process for Section 202 communities is straightforward. To help you find affordable senior apartments in San Antonio, TX, a search directory is present on the Senioridy website. Use the tool to search for a suitable apartment in the neighborhood of your choice. You can apply to the selected community directly through the contact details available. Each unit's managing authority will conduct an interview and screening.

      The selected tenant will be allocated an apartment if they are deemed eligible.

      Since these communities are exclusive to senior citizens, the residents can enjoy various age-friendly activities and features to keep them happy, safe, and active. A coordinator is also at the premises 24/7 to assist the residents.


      Section 8 Housing Voucher Program for San Antonio Seniors
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      The Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher Program is a collaboration of SAHA and HUD. Through this program, the participants with a low income are awarded rental subsidies in the form of a voucher by SAHA. An application form is available on their website. However, waiting times for the application process to commence can span over 4 years.

      Qualifying individuals of this San Antonio, TX, low income senior housing program have the freedom to choose any private property that will accept the vouchers. The HUD authorities will examine the selected unit to ensure they are safe, sanitary, and liable for the asking rent.

      Similar to other programs, the rent is determined according to the total household income. But you can expect to pay around 30% of your income towards rent. The remaining portion is covered by HUD.


      Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

      As the name implies, the LIHTC is a tax credit program where builders are awarded substantial tax credits for constructing apartments for low income families. These units are not age-segregated; any eligible family can apply through the HUD's LIHTC portal.

      Unlike other programs, the rent for the LIHTC is not established according to the applicant’s income. Instead, each unit is assigned an income bracket which is calculated with an assumed family size of 1.5 persons per bedroom.

      The most significant benefit of choosing San Antonio low income senior living apartments is the vast availability. Since the funding for these units is more abundant, you may be able to find suitable accommodation quickly. The decided rent remains unchanged regardless of the tenant's income. You can also pay the rent for these units through the Section 8 Vouchers.


      Are There Any Other Rental Assistance Programs in San Antonio?

      While the above-mentioned housing programs are predominant in San Antonio, senior citizens also have the option to choose the below programs if they qualify.

      1. Emergency Housing Vouchers
      2. Beacon Communities


      Information regarding these units is available on the SAHA website.


      Finding Texas Low Income Senior Living Near Me
      senior woman sitting at table in restaurant laugh 2022 03 07 23 56 08 utc

      There is no place like home! But the need for a safe and comfortable place becomes more apparent as a person ages and becomes dependent on a fixed income.

      Thankfully, with San Antonio low income apartments, senior citizens can benefit from a pleasant environment without any financial worry. So, head to the Senioridy property directory and search for the housing units in your preferred zone. The directory is specifically designed to help find affordable housing for senior citizens.

      We make the process convenient by listing available properties along with their details and contact information.

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