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      This community offers Respite Stays

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      Short Term Rehab SNF

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      What are Respite Stays?

      Respite stays are temporary, short-term stays that are generally breaks for caregivers where their loved ones stay in a care facility for a designated period. These stays can range from a few days to several weeks, providing caregivers with the opportunity to take time off to rest, attend to personal matters, or simply recharge.

      A Respite Stay also allows the senior care recipient to become more comfortable in a community-based environment and can be very helpful if a senior is considering a care facilty or senior community but hesitant about the decision.

      General Info About Short Term Rehab (SNF)

      What Is Short Term Skilled Nursing Rehab?

      A Short Term Rehab Facility, also known as a SNF (pronounced "sniff"), will have professional medical staff who are trained to help speed the rehabilitative process including doctors, registered nurses, audiologists, vocational nurses, and rehabilitation specialists. A SNF may be needed for someone who is ready for discharge from the hospital but not able to return home. The SNF will provide a high level of medical attention with the goal of the patient completing their rehabilitation and returning to their prior living environment.

      Short Term Rehab Insurance Options

      For the first 20 days for a covered event Medicare will pay 100 percent of the cost. For the next 80 days Medicare pays 80 percent of the cost. After 100 days Medicare makes no payments.

      Conditions which have to be met for Medicare to pay include:

      • A qualifying hospital stay
      • Doctor’s recommendation that daily skilled care is needed
      • Part A coverage with days remaining
      • Services are provided by a Medicare certified SNF

      So, what you pay is:

      1. Days 1–20: $0
      2. Days 21–100: Approx. $200 Copay each day (typical amount, check with your SNF for an exact number)
      3. Days 101 and beyond: You are responsible for all costs but Long Term Care Insurance policies can also help pay if you have it. However, most long-term care insurance policies will have an elimination period that will not pay for the first 60 - 100 days. You can learn more about that here.
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