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      Why Select Assisted Living in Lexington, KY?


      Lexington is a wonderful city where aging gracefully comes easy. The city has no fewer than 32 assisted living facilities to choose from, and it is chock full of senior-friendly attractions where you or your loved one can enjoy spending time with family or friends. But perhaps even more important to older adults, Lexington also boasts a few nationally ranked hospitals!

      We have prepared a guide for you below so that you can learn the advantages of finding Assisted Living in Lexington, Kentucky.


      Why Select Assisted Living in Lexington, KY? 

      Assisted Living in Lexington, KY: What You Need to Know.

      Senior Population and Assisted Living Volume in Lexington.

      Criteria for Admittance in Assisted Living in Kentucky.

      Typical Costs of Assisted Living in Lexington, KY.

      Benefits of Assisted Living in Lexington, KY.

      A Pleasant Climate.

      Personalized Care.

      Hands-on assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

      Quality Nutrition.

      Access to Quality Healthcare.

      Social Engagement.

      Safety and Security.

      Additional Information About Lexington.

      List of Senior Centers in Lexington, KY.

      Public Transportation Services in Lexington, KY.

      How to Find Assisted Living Facilities in Louisville, KY.


      Why Select Assisted Living in Lexington, KY?


      When considering assisted living facilities, Lexington, KY might not be one of the first cities that comes to mind. Still, the truth is it’s a city with plenty to offer to those needing a little extra assistance in their golden years.

      For starters, Lexington is a relaxed city where southern hospitality is always proudly on display. It has a climate that is especially accommodating to older adults, while still offering the transitional beauty that comes from having four distinct seasons. And while Medicare in Kentucky might not cover the cost of assisted living, there is financial assistance available to those who need it through a special waiver program.

      Lexington might be famous for its horses and equine history, but by the time you’re done using Senioridy to learn more about the city’s assisted living options, you’ll discover many of the reasons why it should also be considered one of the top destinations in the US for assisted living.

      Assisted Living in Lexington, KY: What You Need to Know


      Deciding to move either yourself or a family member into an assisted living community is often difficult to do. But one of the things that can help you make that decision with greater confidence and peace of mind is having access to reliable information.

      Senioridy is a trusted resource that can help you learn more about assisted living facilities in the area where you want to live. If you are considering Lexington, KY for your assisted living needs, then just click on the topics below to get a better idea of what to expect.

      • Senior Population and Assisted Living Volume in Lexington
      • Criteria for Admittance in Assisted Living in Kentucky
      • Typical Costs of Assisted Living in Lexington, KY
      • Benefits of Assisted Living in Lexington, KY
      • Additional Information About Lexington
      • List of Senior Centers in Lexington, KY
      • Public Transportation Services in Lexington, KY

      Senior Population and Assisted Living Volume in Lexington

      Lexington has an adult population of 254,886. Of those, 43,177 are senior citizens. With approximately 32 assisted living facilities in the Lexington area, there are plenty of options available for those looking to take the next step in their elder care.

      Criteria for Admittance in Assisted Living in Kentucky

      Unlike some states, Kentucky has reasonably relaxed admittance criteria for its assisted living communities. To qualify for admittance, a senior must be able to walk on their own or be mobile non-ambulatory, unless they’re temporarily non-mobile due to a condition for which they are receiving appropriate medical treatment. In addition, any new resident must not be considered a danger to themselves or others.

      Typical Costs of Assisted Living in Lexington, KY


      In Kentucky, the average cost for a private one-bedroom unit in an assisted living community is $3,520 per month. But in Lexington, the price runs slightly higher than both the state and national averages with the average cost of assisted living coming in at $4,050 a month.

      While Medicare in Kentucky doesn’t cover the costs of assisted living services, financial help is available for people who need it through the state’s Home and Community Based (HCB) waiver program. The waiver does not cover any costs associated with room and board, but it can help reduce the cost of other relevant services that a resident would otherwise have to pay out of pocket for. Certain restrictions do apply. To find out if you or your loved one qualifies or to learn more about the HCB waiver, click here.

      It is important to remember that the cost listed above is an average. The price for assisted living in Lexington can range anywhere from $1,624.54 to $9,270.65 a month and in some cases, there can even be a waiting list to get in. Not all assisted living communities offer the same variety of amenities to their residents, and the number and types of these amenities can affect their total monthly costs. Amenities that can impact the cost of assisted living can include, but are not limited to:

      • Restaurant-style dining
      • Pet-friendly policies
      • Private and shared apartments with full kitchens
      • Housekeeping and linen service
      • Scheduled transportation
      • Social, cultural, and recreational activities
      • Emergency response system
      • On-call medical staff

      Benefits of Assisted Living in Lexington, KY

      Assisted living facilities are specially designed to provide each resident with the personalized care and support services they need to enjoy high-quality lives. While each facility may offer its unique selection of programs and services, most provide a standard set of services that allow every resident to enjoy certain freedoms and experiences. Making the move into an assisted living environment in Lexington, KY can also provide a range of other benefits to older adults, including:
      A Pleasant Climate
      Lexington, KY is located in a humid subtropical climate zone, which means the city enjoys four distinct seasons. In the summer, the city enjoys a climate that is seasonably warm and often humid with temperatures averaging over 77°F. July is the hottest month with an average high of 85°F. Winter in Lexington can be cold but it also tends to have frequent mild periods. Winter’s daytime highs average around 46°F, with temps rarely falling below 25°F or exceeding 66°F.

      Personalized Care

      Assisted living facilities in Lexington have experienced staff on hand who are skilled at providing a customized level of care. This allows them to satisfy every resident’s unique healthcare needs and personal preferences. Personalized care can vary, from nursing care services and medication administration to comprehensive monitoring for mood and behavioral issues, but regardless of your loved one’s individual needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that all his or her personal care needs will be met.

      Hands-on assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

      In an assisted living community, some residents may require little assistance with certain tasks, while others may need extra help completing their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), which include a range of tasks such as housekeeping, bathing, dressing, hygiene, laundry, and more. By getting the help that’s needed when it’s needed, residents can live healthier and happier lives.

      Quality Nutrition

      When living alone, it is not uncommon for older adults to start neglecting their diets as they get older. After all, shopping for groceries and preparing meals are tasks that aren’t as easy as they once were. Offering residents access to a healthy diet consisting of fresh, nutritious ingredients is one of the most important things that assisted living does. With flexible mealtimes and an outstanding meal variety, many of these facilities are even equipped with professional kitchens and well-trained staff who can prepare customized diet-specific menus for those residents with certain dietary restrictions.

      Access to Quality Healthcare


      Assisted living facilities offer their residents access to a wide range of quality health and wellness services, both on-site and when necessary, at local hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities. In Lexington, seniors have several noteworthy healthcare facilities at their disposal, including the University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital and Baptist Health Lexington.

      Social Engagement

      As we age, it becomes easier to withdraw from society. But this type of isolation is proven to produce negative health consequences, such as depression, stress, and even suicidal thoughts. This is why social engagement is such a major feature in today’s assisted living facilities. From dance classes, book clubs, and pottery programs to gardening and daytime excursions, every assisted living facility has a wide array of activities for its residents to choose from. Participating in them is not only proven to benefit one’s peace of mind but is highly encouraged as they can effectively help reduce feelings of isolation and depression, especially among new residents.

      Safety and Security

      Living alone increases an older adult’s risk of getting seriously injured or worse. For many, this is the number one reason why assisted living makes sense. Assisted living provides a safe and secure living environment to seniors who have reached a point in their lives where they require help with their ADLs or are more prone to wander. Living in a community where advanced safety measures are in place not only helps reduce residents’ risks but also puts the minds of family members at ease.

      Additional Information About Lexington


      Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky and commonly referred to as the Horse Capital of the World thanks to its abundance of horse farms and thoroughbred racetracks like Keeneland. But there’s plenty about Lexington that doesn’t get as much attention as its equine attractions, like its rich history, artistic and cultural attractions, and picturesque natural locations.

      For instance, Lexington is home to the Mary Todd Lincoln House, the childhood home of America’s 16th First Lady, the wife of the late President Abraham Lincoln. History buffs will also appreciate the Aviation Museum of Kentucky and the Waveland State Historic Site.

      Meanwhile, for sheer natural beauty, few places can match that of the Arboretum, McConnell Springs, or Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. And there is no shortage of cultural and artistic attractions for those who appreciate the creative side of life. Some of the top attractions in this area in Lexington include the Headley-Whitney Museum, Institute 193, and the Kentucky Theatre to name a few.

      List of Senior Centers in Lexington, KY


      Lexington offers beneficial senior programs through the Lexington Senior Center and its satellite locations (Bell House, Charles Young Center, and Black & Williams). These locations offer a wide range of programs and services that are designed to help make life easier and more enjoyable for local seniors.

      For more information on what types of services are available at each location, click on the following links:

      Public Transportation Services in Lexington, KY


      Public transportation in Lexington is provided by Lextran, which operates 25 fixed routes throughout the city. Lextran also operates the Wheels Paratransit service Monday through Saturday from 5:00 am to 12:00 am and Sunday from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm for those medically unable to ride its regular buses.

      Reduced fare is available for single rides and for day passes for citizens aged 62 and older. To be eligible, seniors must show proof of age or government-issued ID.

      How to Find Assisted Living Facilities in Louisville, KY


      Whether you are looking for an assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one, there are a few options available to you that can help you find the right one for your needs in Lexington. One option is to do it the old-fashioned way by looking in a Lexington phone book or inquiring about assisted living from your friends and relatives.

      Another is to contact a placement agency. Senior placement agencies help seniors find the right assisted living facility for them by working with them and their families to find the best possible fit for their needs. These types of services typically charge a referral fee to the Assisted Living community since they are bringing in revenue to that facility, so they don’t usually charge seniors or their families. It is important to note that since agents can only get paid by assisted living facilities that they have contracts with, you may not be shown all the assisted living facilities that are available to you.

      Another option is to use an online directory of assisted living facilities in Lexington from a site like Senioridy's search tools are comprehensive, so they can provide you with the best possible results. Just follow these steps:

      • Go to Find Senior Living > Assisted Living by clicking here
      • On the left Search Filters and in the Located Near field type in “Lexington”

      Once you do this simple search, you will be presented with many top-rated facilities within a 60-mile radius of Lexington to compare.

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