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      What Is Section 202 Affordable Senior Housing


      5 Things to Know About Section 202 Housing

      In 2011 the first of the baby boomer generation reached age 65. The data now shows that every 10 seconds another person turns 65. The number for seniors 65 and older will surpass 71 million by 2030. Many will have to stop working because of age-related health issues, or will simply choose to retire for lifestyle reasons. The demand for low income senior housing will continue to climb at record rates. The good news is there are several HUD programs designed to help seniors. We’re going to take a look at the section 202 senior housing program here.

      1. What is Section 202 Senior Housing?

      Section 202 senior housing is a rent-assisted housing program designed for seniors and the disabled. The goal is to encourage recipients to live as independently as possible with some assistance in activities of daily living (ADLs) that are needed. For example, somebody might need help dressing and bathing. Housekeeping, transportation, and counseling might also be offered through the program. Types of services vary from one senior housing community to the next.

      The program started in 1959, and is the only program within HUD that provides housing exclusively to seniors.

      2. Who is eligible for Section 202 Senior Housing?

      If you’re 62 years and older with a very low household income you’re likely eligible. Your income must be 50% or less of the area median. Average Section 202 residents are age 79. The average yearly income among recipients is $10,018. 

      3. What is Section 202 Senior Housing Like?

      Section 202 housing is typically one-bedroom apartments with a kitchen, den and bathroom. Elevators are required and other special features can be found like grab bars, ramps, and nonskid flooring. Most Affordable Senior Communities also provide services at the community for transportation, wearable safety devices, and a Care Coordinator to help the residents find needed resources and to aid arranging for needed services.

      4. How much is Rent?

      Monthly rent amount is determined by calculating the greatest of four factors: 

      • 10% of monthly income
      • 30% of monthly adjusted income
      • The welfare rent in as-paid states
      • The PHA minimum rent ($25 to $50)

      5. How do I Apply for Section 202 Senior Housing?

      The first step is finding a housing community that you’re interested in. Be aware, wait lists can be as long as a year. Typically, individuals paying 50% of their income in rent, the involuntarily displaced, and those living in substandard housing are given priority.

      • Determine if you or your loved one meets the eligibility requirements
      • Find the living communities in which you or your loved ones would like to live. For help finding the right community take a look at our Low Income Options directory.
      • Contact the residence and confirm that they accept vouchers and participate in the Section 202 program.
      • Inquire about availability and waiting lists

      How Do I Find Low Income Housing for Seniors Near Me?

      Use our mapping tools to find a facility that’s in a location near you. You can easily save facilities you find and come back and reference them any time. Every facility listing has a contact form for easy communication with the facility you’re interested in. When you’re searching for “low income housing for seniors near me” the best option is to just go to our Low Income Options page and use our free directory. There you can easily find the best low income senior living options for you.    

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